The Prime Minister identified three main factors in the development of tourism human resources

"People, infrastructure and strategy" are three main factors to improve tourism human resources in both quantity and quality, so that Vietnam tourism could develop commensurate with the potential.

Attending the first Vietnam Tourism Human Resources forum took place on April 12, 2019 at the Independence Palace, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc set out three big questions for the forum to find solutions to solve difficulties in training and providing high quality human resources in tourism industry.

The first question focuses on the attraction of Vietnam's tourism industry, which is attractive enough to attract high quality domestic and international human resources. Are occupational policies good enough to attract workers? The Prime Minister said that to answer this question, it is none other than employers in the tourism industry and the government agencies that formulate policies. A company with good working environment, good remuneration will attract more good employees.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc delivers remarks at the first Vietnam Tourism Human Resources forum held on April 12, 2019 at Independence Palace

The second question, the Prime Minister questioned when it was determined that tourism is a key economic sector accounting for more than 10% of GDP, what did we do to match the "spearhead" words? What have we done to attract high quality workers? What have we done to optimize available human resources? It should be broadly understood, how to optimize available human resources, means how to utilize the people and communities around the place where tourism activities take place. The Prime Minister said that people's behavior and community culture are very important factors to attract tourists. Typically, the recent US-North Korea Summit, the image of the tea seller man brought drinking water to the hands of international reporters made a very good impression in the eyes of international friends.

Finally, the question that the Prime Minister asks for strategic. What did ministries do to make Vietnam tourism industry become a key economic sector? This issue, the Prime Minister, noted that ministries need to actively implement seriously, not just wait for localities to implement and give comments later. Local tourism departments, training institutions, businesses in the tourism industry must also be determined, making efforts to propose initiatives and proposing solutions for developing high quality tourism sources.

At the end of the remarks, the Prime Minister pointed out that "people, infrastructure and strategy" are three main factors to improve the quality of tourism human resources, bringing Vietnam tourism to a new level.