Current situation of Vietnam tourism human resources and demand from employers

Attending the Vietnam Tourism Human Resource Forum 2019 held on April 12 at the Indepence Palace, Master Nguyen Quoc Ky - General Director of Vietravel  presented a presentation with the topic "Vietnam Tourism Human Resources: Current Situations and Training Needs - Viewpoints from Tourism Enterprises".

Master Nguyen Quoc Ky - General Director of Vietravel

Currently, in our country, human resources play an important role in the development of tourism, which is one of the bottlenecks for the smokeless industry to take off. The tourism sector contributes to creating about 4 million workers, including direct contributions (2.46 million workers equivalent to 4.6% of the labor structure) and indirectly, accounting for about 7.6% of total contributions/total labor structure. Also according to the report from the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, human resources in the sector related to tourism currently have low labor productivity, low labor productivity growth rate and almost lower than other countries in the ASEAN region (about 40-45% compared with Thailand and Malaysia)

Before the current reality, tourism is determined to become a key industry of Vietnam's economy, focusing on developing tourism human resources is a top priority. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), by 2028, tourism and travel industry needs about 5 million employees, directly and indirectly. Particularly, the demand for human resources directly contributes in 2028, the tourism industry needs about 2.9 million more direct employees, compared to 2017, every year the whole industry needs an average of 41,000 more direct employees.

The table below shows that the labor skills index of Vietnamese emloyees is compared with some ASEAN countries, pointed out that Vietnam has a low ranking position in almost labor skills criteria. (note: ranking position / 140 countries with criteria)

However, in 2017, according to the report of the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, the total number of employees in the tourism industry aged 15 and above who were trained has accounted for about 14.6% (about 360,000 direct employees in 2017 ). Every year, the average need for 41,000 direct employees, but only about 15,000 students graduate. This shows that agencies and training institutes need to pay more attention to training and providing human resources for the Vietnam tourism industry.

Dealing with that situation, representatives of businesses directly use labor in the field of tourism, Master Nguyen Quoc Ky has proposed training human resources training institutes should have a framework of creating high-low standards, reviewing training programs from 4-year-program and below, gradually changing, applying standards of VTOS as well as acquire and improve training programs to ensure resources in the tourism industry are competitive in the international environment. For management agencies, it is necessary to calculate the establishment of institutions specializing in tourism because it has been identified as a key economic sector, so it is possible to plan a number of universities to have Tourism Faculties as the core for the Region, allow to increase the enrollment target of tourism industry. Especially, enterprises have ordered training institution to make plans and orientations for training according to 3 main levels: management level, enterprise level, direct contact with customers.

(The article uses the material from the discussion "Vietnam Tourism Human Resources: Current Situations and Training Needs - Viewpoints from Tourism Enterprises" by Master Nguyen Quoc Ky - General Director of Vietravel Tourism Company)